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One of the greatest things the Serenity Stables Show Team can have is SUPPORT!  That is exactly what we are seeking from you.  Help SUPPORT these hard working families and their young riders achieve the goals they have set forth through becoming a sponsor.  Help them receive the best training out there to prepare them for the competitions ahead.  But, your sponsorship does not just go towards winning a competition or riding a horse.  No, it goes a lot further than that!  These young riders are learning so much more than just how to ride.  They are learning to be gracious competitors, how to have proper etiquette and sportsmanship, how to set goals and achieve them, and how to overcome the obstacles they will face in life.

Serenity Stables Show Team Spring 2019

Yes, riding is so much more than just sitting on a horse!  These families are being brought together through these competitions and practices.  Through becoming a Serenity Stables Show Team Sponsor your SUPPORT allows them to provide an opportunity for their family that a lot do not have.  Please, read about our Show Team, and choose to SUPPORT us through the coming years as you watch these young riders and their families grow.  Every level of sponsorship is essential to the growth of this team and this sport in general.

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We encourage you to not just support us with your financial means, but also with your presence.  Come out, meet the team, and cheer them on!  Not all sponsors are unseen! Our doors are wide open and we encourage visitors anytime.   Below is a PDF file that outlines the opportunities available for sponsorship of the team.

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Click HERE to view sponsorship opportunities with us!

Serenity Stables Show Team Sponsorship Tiers