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Serenity Stables Show Team Lilly Martin 2019

The Serenity Stables Show Team (3ST) is a local competitive equestrian team comprised of youth riders ranging in age and skill. 3ST members practice weekly with trainer Abigail Boyd at Serenity Stables (Hubert, NC) in predominantly English Hunter Jumper riding, with a few riders who also train to compete in Western Gaming. All 3ST riders come from hard-working, local, families who do their best to provide their kids with the amazing opportunity to train and compete with horses.

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The pinnacle of practice is the COMPETITION! The culmination of all this horseback riding is entering the ring and showing the judge, or the crowd, what they have learned. However, high competition costs and travel fees often limit 3ST riders from the opportunity to consistently compete as often as they deserve to.  

The Serenity Stables Show Team is raising money for riders to participate in the 2019 Fall Show Set at Equine Country USA and in future state ranked shows.

Serenity Stables Show Team Spring 2019

All proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to the Show Team and will greatly improve their training and opportunities.  So, please click on the contact form to the left, submit your info, and we will contact you to allow for payment and ticket info!  Feel free to email or call us anytime if you would like to be involved with this great program.  Sponsors are always welcome!

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