Serenity Stables Show Team

The pinnacle of practice is the COMPETITION!  Follow the Serenity Stables Show Team here!  This group has spent hours riding in preparation for every show.  The culmination of all this horseback riding is entering the ring and showing the judge, or the crowd, what they have learned.  This arena is what builds the discipline that horseback riding is all about!  We would like to thank you for considering this position for your young rider, or even yourself, and representing Serenity Stables in the public arena.  As the seasons progress we will update this page to bring you the most up-to-date pictures so you can relive those amazing moments!  Take a second to browse through the members of the team and get to know them a little as well.

Show Team Members


Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Pose BarebackAbigail Boyd is the Lead Instructor, and Coach, of the Serenity Stables Show Team.  Over the last fourteen years she has been perfecting her skills and learning how to pass her knowledge on to everyone that takes lessons from her and competes on the Show Team.  She has been instructing for the last six years and absolutely loves what she does!


Serenity Stables Show Team Katelynn Bacon 2019Katelynn Bacon is a 6th grader at Dixon Middle. Katelynn enjoys riding English and Western on Willow. She loves jumping and barrel racing.  In 2018 she won Reserve Champion for the fall series at Equine Country. Katelynn rode in her first NCJHA in November 2018 and placed second in all of her events and earned Reserve Champion.  When she isn’t riding she enjoys swimming, drawing, and fishing. She is currently a Cadet in her local Girl Scout Troop. She has been riding with Serenity Stables for 2 years.



Serenity Stables Show Team Ana ProfileAna Page currently tackles the Western side of the house for us.  You can see her turning and burning out there around the barrels every show.  Ana’s been riding for 8 years and has done hunter and western shows for quite some time.  When she is not in the arena she is helping out her FFA chapter by serving as the current Reporter.




Serenity Stables Show Team Shaelyn2 ProfileKai Benack rides her horse Apollo in the English ring representing Serenity Stables.  She started lessons with Abigail at Serenity Stables as a trial, as well as therapy for Cystic Fibrosis, and fell in love with Abigail and riding. She is an active artist and soccer player in and out of school.  At a young age she is the proud owner of a horse of her own as well!


Serenity Stables Show Team Lilly Martin 2019Lilly Martin has always had a passion for animals, especially horses, and began English riding lessons in November 2017 at age 6. Her beginning lessons were on 14+ hand horses where she learned how to walk and trot. During the summer of 2018, Lilly transitioned to a spunky project pony that increased her riding skills to include: trot poles, cross rails, and canter. Her first show was the Walk Trot, Peewee Division (2nd place) at Equine Country USA (Spring 2018). By age 7 she advanced to the 12 & Under Division Fall 2018 where she competed in the Walk Trot, Trot Poles, and Hunter Hack at Equine Country USA , placing 1st in the Hunter Hack. She also competed at the NCJHA show at the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center where she competed in the 12 & Under Walk Trot and then 12 & Under Walk Trot Canter and placed 3rd in each class. Lilly currently rides a P.O.A. and her favorite riding skills are cantering and jumping. She is excited to work towards learning jump courses, exploring Western riding, and competing in 2019.  Follow Lilly on Instagram @lillytherider and her web page!

Serenity Stables Show Team Alexa Wilson 2019Alexa Wilson is 14 years old and has loved horses ever since she was very little.  She has been riding for four years.  Alexa started out learning western and just recently competed in her first English show with the Serenity Stables Show Team, riding Riverdance.  She had a great time and is looking forward to being in many more shows!  What she loves most about riding, she says, is how, “during that time you are able to just focus on the horse that you love and set aside any of life’s problems.”  Her goal is to eventually compete in higher level jumping classes.  Outside of horses, Alexa loves to paint, draw, listen to music, and spend time with her family and friends.

Serenity Stables Show Team Avery Coffee 2019Avery Coffee is a 6th grader living in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys riding English with Sampson. Just recently, Avery placed 2nd in the Hunter Hack class during her first show! Outside of riding, Avery enjoys watching Harry Potter & Gotham, going to the beach, spending time with her family & best friend Alexa, and visiting her grandma in Florida during her summer breaks.





Serenity Stables Show Team Kelsi Daniels 2019Kelsi Daniels absolutely loves animals, especially her horse Cookie. She enjoys everything about riding, from the time she arrives at lessons, until the end after she has groomed her horse and given her some delicious treats for her hard work. Kelsi has been riding for almost a year. Not long ago, she competed in her first competition. she said, “I had sooo much fun! We worked really hard and earned four ribbons!”. She was very excited and her goal is to work hard and earn a first-place ribbon. Outside of riding, Kelsi likes to hang out at the beach, be outside and play on her computer.



Upcoming Shows/Events

Below is a list of upcoming events or competitions that the Show Team will be participating in.  Feel free to come out and support these riders and enjoy a day full of horses and smiles!

April 27th and 28th we will be competing at the Lake Waccamaw Hunter Series “C” Show located at:  The Boys and Girls Home Arena, Bill Thompson Lane, Lake Waccamaw, NC