Riding Lessons

Serenity Stables’ head trainer and instructor, Abigail Boyd, has been riding for fourteen years and has an accomplished riding past.  Her passion for riding carries over into her instruction of the students as well.  At the core of her teaching curriculum is the basic understanding of a horse, it’s physical structure and capabilities, as well as basic care.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Boyd RidingWithout these stepping stones the more difficult tasks will never be accomplished.  Through this thorough instruction children, and adults alike, grow in their knowledge of horseback riding and gain a new understanding for the animals and the sport as a whole.

As lessons begin the student learns how to tack up their horse and the basic grooming associated before and after a ride.  Once these skills are learned it is time to saddle up and get moving!  Riding Lessons Serenity Stables Show TeamEven though some concepts overlap, Abigail offers both English and  Western disciplines under her instruction.  No one is ever locked into one discipline and can learn as they desire, and in some cases is even encouraged to enhance the rider’s abilities.

Once the student has gained the basic knowledge of the walk and trot, more difficult tasks are learned.  This also allows them to expand and decide what they would like to do competitively and set a goal.  Serenity Stables Joe Sale Kid Riding Pic 2There are several different routes of competition to include jumping, cross country eventing, barrel racing, gaming, and various other shows that can be attended.  Once everyone feels comfortable with competing, the student can then become part of the Serenity Stables Show Team and showcase their abilities at the various competitive events across North Carolina, and even the East Coast.

Some people ask what the incentive is to spend the money on horseback riding lessons for their children is.  That question can be simply answered with these facts that can be backed up through some basic Google searches.  First, children that ride are more focused in their schoolwork because they know that if they do not maintain their grades they are apt to lose their ability to ride when they would like.  Yes, excelling at school is something very much supported by the Serenity Stables lessons program.  Serenity Stables Riding Lessons CloseupSecond, believe it or not, children that learn to ride horses are better drivers when that day comes around.  Last, and one of the most important, children that ride regularly are more rounded, respectful young adults because of the strict conduct standards associated with the competitive events they attend.  At these events, adults and children alike are held to the same standards, and sometimes even compete side by side.

So, if you would like to provide a truly unique avenue for your child to experience contact Abigail and set up your free consultation and tour!  We would love to see you come out, tour our facilities, talk to Abigail, and discuss what you would like to accomplish through lessons.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Riding EnglishThis does not just apply to children, adults are more than welcome, and there are currently several adults part of the program!  Come out, build with us, and watch as the Serenity Stables Show Team participates in events statewide!

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