Carriage Rides

Who has not looked at a horse and carriage rolling by and said to themselves, “I would love to be riding on that!”?  Here is your chance!  We offer rides for everything from a romantic ride for two up weddings full of guests.  Our carriage will take you where you want to go, whether that is around your neighborhood, a scenic destination you have always wanted to take in slowly, or around the grounds at your wedding reception.  There are so many options, they are impossible to list.

Serenity Stables Carriage and Sammy

Most everyone thinks that a carriage is set aside for tours of a town or weddings.  That is not the case at all.  Our goal is to make this experience affordable to you and your friends/family.  We would love to share this opportunity with everyone and allow so many people to get to enjoy the serenity that comes from being chauffeured around by our handsome Sammy, the horse that is!

Serenity Stables Carriage Rides New Years Proposal

Here are a few of the options that are the most common events we are booked for:

prom packages

What is that, you have a prom coming up and want to make a grand entrance?  Yes, that is another option!  We can be at your prom to drop you off, pick you up, and be available for pictures the entire time.  Your presence can truly be the living embodiment of Cinderella and Prince Charming!

bride getting out of carriageHere comes the bride, but not just walking down the aisle.  Rather, she is arriving in a white carriage pulled by a beautiful horse, delivering her to the best day of her life.  After the ceremony, bride and groom climb in and ride off to the reception.  Or, if that is too far, the car around the corner!  Our packages include everything from just the ceremony to being available throughout the whole day and other a la carte services.

Serenity Stables Carriage Rides Pulling AwayIs there anything more romantic than snuggling up to your favorite person in the world while you are being taken around one of your favorite spots?  We didn’t think so either!  Our booking team will work around your specific requests to make your ride in just that perfect spot!  While the two of you sit in the back enjoying the view, you can be lulled into peace from the “clip clop” of Sammy’s feet walking down the road.