Show Season Mania!

Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Riding EnglishYes, that is right, it is show season and as the temperature rises, so does the competition.  Our riders have grown so much and are competing harder and harder every year.  This year, we have added the Lake Waccamaw Hunter/Jumper “C” series to our shows as well as our monthly trips to Equine Country.  So, if you are local and want to see these energetic young riders out there winning those ribbons, come on out!  We would love to see a crowd of parents and friends wearing the red shirts and flooding the venues with Serenity Stables support.

The amount of work that these young riders put into getting to these competitions is remarkable.  Not just them, but also their trainer, Abigail Boyd.  Hours upon hours are spent in the arena and round pen learning how to sit properly, cue the horse properly, and actually RIDE properly!  Horseback riding lessons are not just going around in a circle.  Instead, there are hours of jumping jumps, working your whole body out, and sweating in the heat.  Serenity Stables Show Team Lilly Martin 2019

Do not think that the only competition out there is on the English side of the house and jumping jumps.  No way!  The western side of the house is kicking up just as much dust in the arena.  They are out there working with their horses to gain better control, turn the barrels faster, and perfect that “seat” for when they are galloping between barrels and poles!  And to think, the oldest out there is only sixteen years old!

Serenity Stables Show Team Ana ProfileThe gasps and ahhhs can be heard in both practice sessions and competitions.  Parents have to fight that anxiety of seeing their baby out there flying, both almost literally when jumping and figuratively when running the barrels.  But, at the end of the day, there are nothing but smiles at the barn.  At the end of the day everyone can stop, look back, and say, “I really did that!”.

So, it is not for money that everyone does this sport.  It is not for huge prizes at the end of the year.  The bottom line, is that it is for the “I really did that” factor.  The only way to fully appreciate that is to get out there and watch.  Or, if you are really interested, become a part of it and get involved!  There is no limitation on age when it comes to this sport.  Come out, see what the Serenity Stables Show Team is up to; whether practice or competition.  We would love to meet you!

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