Keep on truckin’

We have all heard it, “Pick up your head and keep truckin!”  To some it may be a saying, but it rings through every day!  We all have those days that we get down, or things just aren’t going our way.  So, today I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone that great things come on the other side of the bad.  Our emotions are some of the strongest things we come equipped with, and whether your body is ready to quit; your mind is ready to achieve what you have set it to focus on.

Serenity Stables Marine Pushing hard

Being surrounded by Marines makes the reference hit even harder.  Most of us can relate to being in the mud, our bodies at their breaking point, and our minds screaming to keep going!  Even those that have not been Marines can relate to these situations.  We are at a point where nothing seems to be going right, or it has just been blow after blow.  However, we cannot focus on those!  Instead, focus on the other side.  Focus on the downhill slope that is the easier path.

No matter what, we always pull through and if we keep our focus on the other side of a struggle, then going through it will seem a little bit easier.  When it seems like things just keep hitting you square in the chest, just remember that it is just a way to show you that you can take it and come out stronger than before.  You just have to believe it and keep THAT in your head rather than quitting.

Serenity Stables Worth It Poster

Many people think that it is just something people say, but it is the truth.  We have been there, and through life many blows have come.  However, at the end of the day, we can all sit down and think of something positive that is going on around us, and in our life.  Those are the things that we need to focus on, and those are the things that are going to keep us strong!

So, this is a short little note, and I hope that it finds it’s mark in motivating even just one of you to keep your head up and “truckin on”!  You can do this, and nothing that comes your way is going to crush your dreams!  Keep dreaming, and keep trying!

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