Some days are just BAD


Usually there is a lesson or something for everyone to glean from these blogs that I write.  However, today, I am just writing to remind everyone to take in the moments that you are given every day.  Yesterday was a horrible day for Serenity Stables.  We had to say goodbye to a member of our family.  Due to unknown circumstances, Dakota fractured his shoulder in the middle of the night Friday and could not recover.  Yesterday, we had no choice but to relieve his suffering and send him to greener pastures.

This is never an easy decision or one that any horse owner wants to be presented with.  Unfortunately, there was no other choice and the only thing making it easier was knowing that he was no longer going to be in pain.  What this does do is remind you at how fast things can change.  In an instant the entire picture you have in front of you can be different.

Some people will say, “It is just a horse, what is the big deal?”  Well, to us, especially Abigail, these horses are family.  Every single day Abigail feeds and cares for them, talks to them, learns them, and bonds with them.  You cannot spend that much time with an animal and NOT get attached.  Not to mention, there is a level of trust due to the fact that these huge animals trust us to get on their back without sending us back to the ground.

What we need to do, even with our “pets” is to take every second we have with them and max it out.  Rub on them a little more, talk to them even though they don’t understand, and show them the best way we know that we love them.  The same goes with the people in our lives, especially.  Call your parents, tell them you love them randomly.  Hug your kids randomly and tell them how happy they make you to be their parent.  Life is too short, people, let everyone, including the animals, that are close to you know what they mean to you!  Life is short, live it to the max and be the best person you can to those in your life!

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