Two people in the world stand out as, literally, the people who make us who we are today.  One of those very special people is a FATHER.  This is the guy that may have toughened you up, taught you how to use a wrench, played your first video game with you, or taught you how to cook!  So many different memories can be associated with a father, each a different piece of the puzzle of who we are.

From the time we are born, Dad is there to take care of all the tough things in our life.  He encourages us to always do our best or to keep pushing when we want to stop.  Maybe he is the tough guy that is the one that you are so afraid of disappointing or the quiet guy that sits and listens to how your day went after you walk in the door from school.

After time, and we grow up, Dad kind of fades into the background a little though.  We forget how much we leaned on him as we were younger.  Now, he is just the guy that is making sure we don’t stay out too late or frowns when one of our friends he doesn’t like comes around.  Somehow, we don’t think that he approves of anything we are doing and pull away a little as we grow.

That isn’t the case, though.  Every frown is just a show of worry that his child may be about to make a mistake.  However, he loves them enough to let them see it for themselves and hopefully learn from the experience.  He stands there, remembering how he wanted his Dad to back off a little growing up, and just waits for the right time to actually step in.  The love for his kids is overflowing in his heart every time he sees them walk through the door.

Hearing his kids laugh and play in the background, at any age, is the highlight of his day.  Yes, he may have to look tough and be a MAN, but inside he is always smiling from ear to ear.  Nothing makes him more proud than to hear about the good grade that we got on a test or that we had a good time at our friends house, and DID NOT get in trouble!

Every second he spends with his kids is a gift because, every day he has to realize that it is one less day until they are out of the house and starting their new lives.  He knows that there is an expiration date for them, and one day the house will be empty again.  Some may act macho and say that is going to be a great day but we all know that is just for show.  The reality hits, though, and one day the house is empty and all that is left are the memories of the kids laughing and playing,  birthday parties, Prom nights, and moves to college.

Remembering all of those times are the highlights of Dad’s day now.  Nothing can make him happier than sipping on his coffee and thinking about how his kids grew up right beside him.  When all is said and done, that is truly the highlight of his entire life.  No house or career could top the feeling of raising his kids and seeing them go out into the world successful!

As we celebrate Father’s Day make sure to take a second and think about life through Dad’s eyes for a little bit.  If you don’t have kids of your own, think about all those moments that you had with your own Dad and what was probably going through his mind.  If you get a second, sit down with Dad and tell him how appreciative you are, he will definitely take every word straight to heart.  Even though he is a tough guy in your eyes, he is a FATHER at heart!

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