Heart of a CHAMPION

What makes a champion so successful?  Is it a well conditioned body?  A keen reaction time?  Or maybe being part of the intellectual elite?  Nope, I hate to tell you, but it is none of the above!  Sure, they lead to success and help a competitor along the way.  However, they are not the main contributor to the success of someone destined to win.  So, what is the main contributor to that success?  It is HEART!

Yes, pure heart is what is going to take someone to that next level!  The ironic part is there is no training that can make this aspect happen.  It comes down to the individual and how badly they want something.  A person has to sit there and evaluate their goals and tell themselves, “I am going to do whatever it takes to get to my goal!”  And yes, that means whatever ethical things they can do to reach that goal.  No one can make the decision for you, you are the one that HAS to decide to be a champion or just a participant.


One of the hardest things that we can do as humans is maintain motivation when the going gets hard.  Just think about those gym memberships on January 1st every year.  Once the resolutions kick in, everyone is out there thinking they are going to offset everything they have done the prior year.  But what happens when that tiredness from the first month sets in?  You got it right, most people fizzle out and quit!  This is where the true champions shine!


The true champions are up at six in the morning to get out there before everyone else is at the barn.  They are tacking up their horse and headed to the empty arena to get the first session of training in for the day.  Instead of scrolling through Facebook when that session is over they are researching what kind of patterns they can utilize for the next session later that day.  When their thighs are on fire from pushing their horse over the jumps or around the barrels they say, “okay, another go at it and I know I can do better!”  Instead of giving in to their bodies cries for quitting, they keep on pushing!

Heart of a Champion

Do not get me wrong, physically pushing is a very hard thing to do, and one that is hard to overcome.  However, in order to push through physically, you have to be able to push through mentally first.  That same competitor has to deal with the setbacks that come from losing, or just not getting something right, or even dealing with skeptics that tell them it cannot be done.  Every day, they have to look in the mirror and tell themselves that no matter what obstacles come up in front of them, they will succeed!

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So, what do you have, the heart of a champion or are you just a participant?  Let that sink in as you are evaluating your goals.  Everyone has the ability to tap into the heart of a champion.  Make that choice, seize your goals, and show everyone that nothing is going to stop you in this world!  Whether it is jumping at the next show, shaving some time off that barrel pattern, or just life in general; be the person that never slows down.  Take life by the reins and keep going no matter what stands in your way!  You are the master of your choices and your future, let the heart of a champion beat in your chest!

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