Meet our Instructor!

Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Pose BarebackSome people go their whole lives wondering what it is they are supposed to be doing.  Not this woman, though!  Through her instruction style to her overall personality you can tell that Abigail Boyd is doing just what she loves.  Her passion for horses and her students overflows in every session and at every show.  We are so proud to have her as our instructor and representing Serenity Stables.

From an early age Abigail knew that she wanted to have her life wrapped up in horses and everything that comes along with them.  The first chance she could get, she was on the back of a horse learning how to ride.  It was not always easy, though, and she used her hard work ethic to pay for her lessons and boarding.  Nothing was going to stop her from achieving this dream.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail Jumping

So, while other kids were out partying with their friends or worried about who’s house they were sleeping over at; Abigail was figuring out which horse she was going to ride the next day and what chores needed done.   Of course, school was being balanced as well, but doing well there ensured she was allowed to go riding.  So, there was a whole new level of motivation at her lessons as well.

Over time, her skills increased and she began competing regularly.  From the beginning she was driven to get those blue ribbons and become Grand Champion of the show.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail ChampionShe pulled every bit of instruction from every lesson, applied it, and was winning shows in no time.  Did she stop there?  No, of course not!  She expanded her riding repertoire to include dressage and cross country!  Now, there were new challenges on top of her existing hunter/jumper skill base.  She even pushed out and began learning western as well and competed in local rodeos at barrel racing!

You would think that once high school was over, the interest would diminish with the realization that the real world was upon her.  Not only did this not happen, but she stepped up her game even more!  Not only was she working two jobs, but she was still practicing at the same level.  Whether it was daytime or nighttime nothing was going to stop her from building her skills and showing at higher levels.  To this day, that practice ethic stays the same.  A lot of people think that once someone is an instructor they just teach what they know.  That is not the case here.  Every chance Abigail gets she takes a lesson with a known instructor or travels to clinics to expand her knowledge base and become an even better asset to her students.  You are not going to meet someone more dedicated to not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk!

So, back to the story!  As Abigail competed and continued to learn the opportunity of starting up Serenity Stables came along.  This was finally the chance to have a lesson program all to herself and form a basis for building a reputation as a horse TRAINER as well!  After a few hills to climb, Serenity Stables came together and her position as Head Instructor was solidified.  In no time lesson students were filling up the lesson slots for the week.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail giving Lessons.jpgWhen she was asked how she felt about having her own facilities to train at she said, “It is a lifetime dream come true!  I love teaching my students and looking around knowing that everything I see is mine to use for THEM!”  As everyone knows, that is just what she does.  She puts everything she has into her students and their progress.

Since she has formed the lesson program at Serenity Stables our competitive level has soared through the roof.  Through her instruction, and even example, students are attaining Champion status’ at both the English AND Western disciplines.  With every show that comes along there are more and more ribbons.  Even though that is the case Abigail remains true to the belief that it is about the students having fun, whether they are five or fifty.  Serenity Stables Lessons Abigail with RibbonsShe wants everyone smiling, doing something they have never done before, learning from it, applying it, and most importantly HAVING FUN while they are doing it.  At the base of everything she does is loving what you do and living for it.  That is what horseback riding has done for her and what she transfers to her students.  She says, “It is not just about winning, it is about passion, and learning passion for what you do!”

Continue to follow us and see not only our progress, but also Abigail’s!  She is not done learning and growing.  The future definitely holds plenty for her and all the students to day and tomorrow!



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