Why we do what we do…

What gets you out of bed every day?  Is it trying to save up and pay off all your debt, or maybe get that new, shiny car?  Everyone has something that drives them every day to keep pushing and working hard.  Without a goal or a dream to pursue we would all live empty lives without passion.   Fortunately, we do not have that problem, we get to wake up every day, look out the window, and see the seeds of our dreams growing.  We get to see Serenity Stables growing into the best equestrian facility in Eastern North Carolina.

Of course, things are still in the infancy phase and everything is still coming together.  However, as time goes by, things are growing more and more every day.  Things, though, are not what drive us, they are just a means for us to accomplish what really drives us to get out of bed every day.  It is not buildings that are being constructed or fences that are being installed.  Instead, it is the people and the families that are the pride of our hard work.

Every new lesson student that learns to trot for the first time is a piece of the dream.  Every person that goes out on a trail ride, sits on a horse for the first time ever, and comes back with a HUGE smile on their face is another piece.  At the end of the day, the effect that we can have on other people and their lives is what keeps us doing what we do.  The memories that are made at Serenity Stables are what makes all the sweat and tears fade away and nothing but smiles remain!

Someone once told me that for you to truly enjoy what you do, you have to have a passion for it, and love it.  Every day we walk out the door that passion grows more and more.  Being a part of this place and meeting all the people that have come out here, and looking forward to meeting the ones that are due to come in the future, are what keeps us going.  We, truly, could not imagine being anywhere else and doing anything else!  So, why do we do what we do?  Because making your family smile and have unique experiences is what completes our day!

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