Welcome to Serenity Stables!  Here, you will find just that, SERENITY.  Scroll through our page and learn about the many ways you can utilize our facilities to get away from the stresses of the world and find peace of mind through horseback riding.

Some of Our Thoughts

The core of Serenity Stables is to be able to provide an environment where you can tap into the immense power of horses and their ability to provide you peace.  Our facility is designed around an open door policy that allows for visitors to come and visit with us whenever they would like.  Yes, this means that even if you just want to come out and meet the horses for a little while, we highly encourage you!  Just being in the presence of these magnificent animals has the power to change your entire day, or even your outlook as a whole.

Formed in 2016 by Shawn Baker and Abigail Boyd, Serenity Stables has been the home of many horses and lesson students.  Shawn and Abigail wanted to open a facility that could be a haven for children all the way up to adults that allow them to explore their curiosities with horses and the general outdoors.  Shortly after opening, Abigail took the reins as the lead trainer and instructor.  Immediately, students began signing up for lessons, leading to the formation of the Serenity Stables Show Team.  Also, as the lead trainer she has used her methods to provide a platform for potential horse owners to purchase quality horses through the horse resale program.

At Serenity Stables you can find your dream horse, come hang out on the trails by scheduling a trail ride, or learn how to rise to your greatest potential by being part of the lesson program.  Whether you want to ride just once during that family vacation or come back on a weekly basis to hone your skills, we can accommodate your every need, ages 5 and up.  So, come visit us, visit our facilities, and see what all we can do for you.  We cannot wait to meet you!